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Clear Picture

Twilight Golf
Naval Aviation Museum

Oyster Shucking
St. George's Island
Skip & Rosalie Sheperd
Peter & Moira Vonglahn
Hollis Gardens
John & Phyllis Lewis
Fakahatchee Strand
Key West 01/10/02
Key West 01/14/02
Key West 01/16/02
UKSC Sailing
UKSC On Shore
Homestead Rodeo
Barrel Racing
Myra's Beading
FMCA Rally
GWB Regatta Dinner
Space Shuttle
Aunt Margariete
Entrance Fence
Entrance Fence 2
Controlled Burn
Pump House Project

Pump House Project 2
Rock Springs Camp

Rock Springs Camp 2
Ranger Billy
FL Soft shell turtle
Stuck in the sand
Assistant Mgr Coy
Fighting Wildfire
Linda stuck in sand
Myra in new skirt
Party 04/27/02
Wildlife Underpass
Forest Scenes
Campground Host CJ
Willie Nelson Concert
New Swing in Live Oak
Gopher Tortoise
Seminole Forest
Seminole Forest 2
Harry P. Leu Gardens
Walk Back in Time
John Deere Tractor
Sand Hill Cranes

Atlantis Launch
Erecting Kiosk
Spanish Class

Jubilee Regatta
Alligator Hunting
Oil Wells 1
Oil Wells 2
Seafood Festival
Long Key State Park
Hydroflight 1
Hydroflight 2
Hydroflight 3
St. George's Island