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Fall 2004
Rock Springs
Little River Canyon

Before Fall 2004
Party Food

BBQ Party
Randy Smith Birthday
Party @ Sunset Beach
Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert
Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert
Catfish Hotel

North Alabama State Fair
Rhodesville Air Show
Party-September 22
Onboard Redwing
Down on the Farm
Fall Yard Art
George's CD Cover
Coon Dog Cemetery
Fishing with Capt. Dan
FloraBama Lounge&Pkg
Gulf Shores, AL
Jim Shooting Cannon
Admiral's Cup Regatta
Catfish Hotel
Mother's Day
Day in Nashville
Billy Stone in Nashville

July 6th Party
July 6th Party
Myra's Birthday

Worm Farm
George&LaDonna Wedding
Horseshoe Bend NMP
Montgomery, AL
B'ham Botanical Gardens
Talledega 500
Party @JiMyra's
Logan Cooking
Easter 2003
Rhodesville Campground

Mentone, AL