We visited Canyonlands National Park on May 24th.  The wind blew so hard on the 23rd we were unable to go anywhere.  At Canyonlands we were near the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers.  The Needles, Wooden Shoe, Pothole Point, and Elephant Hill are geologic wonders in this Park. 

Outside the Park we stopped at Newspaper Rock.  Newspaper Rock is covered with petroglyphs, Indian graffiti starting thousands of years ago.  The origin, purpose, and message of this art is unknown.  Many speculate and a few claim to have the answers and interpretations but most petroglyphs predate written or oral history. 

Tuesday we drove to Provo, UT.  Utah Lake State Park in Provo has top rate sailing facilities and look to be a perfect place for a Flying Scot Fleet. The Park also has a lakeside campground surrounded by majestic snow covered peaks.   Provo is the home of Brigham Young University.  A much dreaded trip to a mall was necessary so off to the Mall we went.  The electricity went out and had to drive through town while all the traffic signals were out.  This required all of the Mexican driving skills we have acquired.  The worst part of the power outage is that we got stuck on the Escalator at Dillard's for a while. 

One of the strangest geologic formations in the country, and the fastest, are the Bonneville Salt Flats.  We crossed the Great Salt Lake Desert and stopped in Wells, NV.  Today we stopped at an Idaho State Park.  This park is on the Oregon Trail.  In 1862 two wagon trains were attacked by Indians, ten emigrants were killed hence the name Massacre Rocks State Park.  We have a great campsite overlooking the Snake River. 

Let us all pray the oil leak has been stopped.